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Learning from her father since teen age

Yin Wah Chan's father practiced Traditional Chinese Medicine for more then 60 years. He had formal training in Hua Nan TCM of College (华南国医学院) in 1940's.

Yin Wah Chan began to learn Chinese Medicine from her father when she was a teenage.

Yin Wah Chan Graduated From Hunan University of TCM in China

Yin Wah Chan earned her TCM doctor's license in Changsha Hunan Province of China

Acupuncture License in New York and is a

Diplomate of Oriental Medicine

National Board Certified


Yin Wah Chan has many years of Chinese Medical experience and 5 years acupuncture experience in New York. Yin Wah Chan was selected as a 5 star acupuncturist in Blue Cross Blue Shield Blue Priority network in 2014.

We are proud that many of our clients have repeatedly turned to us for their health problems and have recommended us to their friends. We work hard to earn their loyalty every day.

Recent Cases


TG was 43 years old. Miscarried seven times. In June, 2013, she was pregnant again. We helped her with several acupuncture sessions and 12 doses of Chinese medicines. Jan 2014, she gave birth to a healthy baby girl was born.


Panic Disorder

CB 32 years old, Nov 2012 showed up in my clinic, he had been treating by Western Medicines for 6 years. The drugs cause him a lot of side effects and he called amburance more than 10 times in 2011. He decided find the alternative treatment. He found me in the insurance network. After I did acupuncture needles for him, everything was improved. He didn't have panic attack, no need to call ambulance for it. See detail in "Yelp".

Facial Palsy

RS 44 yrs old lawyer. March 22, 2014 came to my office for numbness on the right side of his face and neck extending into the back and shoulder. When sleeping, he had numbness in his hands and the feet. Heart Beat was twice as fast as his normal.  After 3 acupuncture treatments, the numbness was reduced to once a week, the HB was 61/min. The 4th treatment was 4/12/14.  His health was back to normal. 


BC 30 yrs old PA, came to my office on July 24, complaining of eczema bothering him since he was a child. The last two years was the worst. His whole body was dry, rough and red.Itching at night made it difficult for him to fall asleep. First time he came, I tried to help with acupuncture and 3 doses of Chinese herbal tea. 7/29 he came back and said the itching was reduced, felt comfortable inside. The second time I gave him 4 doses of herbal tea and acupuncture.

I spoke with him lately on the phone, he said that his skin already almost back to normal, except for it being a little bit dry.


VR 34 yrs old IT. He came to me for fatigue and constipation in 2012. March 20, 2014 he came  back again for hemorrhiods. He couldn't sit on a chair normally at the beginning. After acupuncture and Tui Na, he can sit on a chair without pain. When the circulation improved, the pressure inside was reduced.